FUCHS' ECOCOOL GLOBAL 1000 coolant earns Airbus approval
Photo courtesy of FUCHS Lubricants

FUCHS’ ECOCOOL GLOBAL 1000 coolant earns Airbus approval

FUCHS Lubricants Co., the world’s largest independent provider of lubricant solutions, has announced that its ECOCOOL GLOBAL 1000 coolant has received approval from Airbus. This endorsement is featured in the latest version of the Airbus Process Specification: AIPS00-00-010, which lists authorised cutting fluids for drilling and machining operations.

ECOCOOL GLOBAL 1000 is a high-quality, boron-free, water-miscible cutting fluid, known for its exceptional performance in high-performance metal machining. It is particularly effective in industries such as aerospace, medical, semiconductor technology, and various other industrial applications.

This multifunctional high-performance product is suitable for a range of metalworking processes, including drilling, turning, milling, threading, and grinding. It is especially adept at machining titanium and nickel-based alloys, as well as aluminum, stainless steel, and steel. The coolant’s special additives allow for the machining of critical aluminum alloys without staining.

Allison Dreznes, product manager, Metal Cutting, at FUCHS Lubricants Co., commented on the approval. “We are thrilled to receive this latest approval from Airbus. It underscores the premium performance that FUCHS offers to the aerospace industry, covering a wide range of applications from nose to tail.”

ECOCOOL GLOBAL 1000 offers numerous benefits, including high metal removal rates, excellent wetting and rinsing properties, extended tool life, low foam formation, and efficient heat dissipation. It is a safe and sustainable coolant solution, suitable for skin contact and free of formaldehyde, boron, MEA, and silicon. The durability and economical consumption of these fluids significantly reduce operating, maintenance, and disposal costs.