FUCHS launches advanced non-PFAS lubricants
Photo courtesy of FUCHS

FUCHS launches advanced non-PFAS lubricants

FUCHS, a leading lubricant manufacturer, has announced the launch of the RHEOLUBE 460P series, a new line of PAO greases thickened with lithium soap and non-PFAS based additives. These greases are designed to deliver performance comparable to or better than traditional PTFE-containing lubricants. This development comes in response to increasing regulatory pressures to limit or ban the use of PFAS across various manufacturing sectors.

“Non-PFAS based lubricants are not a new concept. Many chemistries and additives have been inherently free of PFAS, and FUCHS has been providing these options for years,” explained Dr. Amanda Stubbs, R&D Group lead of Grease at FUCHS Lubricants Company. “What sets this apart is the creation of non-PFAS based alternatives to fluorinated lubricants.”

Fluorinated lubricants, known for their exceptional performance in extreme environments requiring high levels of protection against wear, high temperatures, and chemical degradation, have been a staple in the industry. “Replicating the performance of PFPE and PTFE chemistries with non-PFAS materials is challenging, but FUCHS has been diligently developing alternatives for our most popular fluorinated products,” Stubbs said.

The RHEOLUBE 460P series features next-generation additive technology for advanced lubricity, making it a suitable non-PFAS based alternative to PTFE-containing lubricants, particularly for the automotive industry. This product was developed in close collaboration with customers who previously relied on PTFE-containing lubricants to ensure no performance loss.

The RHEOLUBE 460P series not only matches but also exceeds the performance of PTFE-containing lubricants in several key areas, including friction reduction, low-temperature performance, and oil separation. This series marks the first in a planned line of non-PFAS based alternatives from FUCHS, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in lubrication solutions.