FUCHS launches product line FUCHS BluEV for e-mobility
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FUCHS launches product line FUCHS BluEV for e-mobility

The FUCHS Group, which operates globally in the lubricants industry, is expanding its product portfolio with a dedicated product line for e-mobility. It will be offering its customers a comprehensive product range for electric vehicles and associated components in the future with FUCHS BluEV.

Electromobility applications present lubricants and greases with major new challenges that FUCHS faces with a diversified and comprehensive product range. The FUCHS BluEV product line will initially comprise three product categories: FUCHS BluEV DriveFluid-transmission oils in electric and hybrid drives, FUCHS BluEV MotorGrease-grease products for electric motors designed especially for e-mobility applications, and FUCHS BluEV ThermalFluid-dielectric heat transfer media for automotive applications. This way, FUCHS offers an efficient and optimally aligned 360-degree solution for lubrication, thermal management, and protection of the components for all areas of e-mobility from a single source.

“The transition to e-mobility is presenting our customers in the automotive industry with major challenges, which we help them to tackle. As a development partner of numerous premium manufacturers in the automotive sector, we possess the professional excellence necessary to address global and local customer needs in the best possible way. Over 90 years of expertise and experience are reflected in the development of new lubrication solutions that are needed in the systems of the future-for example, new combinations of an electric motor and transmission, with and without a combustion engine,” says Stefan Fuchs, chairman of the Executive Board, reinforcing the aspiration of the FUCHS Group to be a reliable and innovative partner to its customers in the area of e-mobility as well.

“We are definitely breaking new ground at FUCHS with the concept of a ‘product line’,” says Joerg Wehrle, vice president, Global Product Management Strategy, emphasising the importance of e-mobility for the Group. “So far, we have operated only with product brands. The new product line will cover all products and solutions that are geared especially towards e-mobility, across all product groups, areas of application, and industries.”

The FUCHS BluEV line ws presented in the context of Tech Day, which took place on August 27, 2020, in Shanghai, China, for roll out gradually worldwide.


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