Fuchs Lubricants South Africa confident of market growth
Photo courtesy of Fuchs Lubricants South Africa

Fuchs Lubricants South Africa confident of market growth

Paul Deppe, managing director of Fuchs Lubricants South Africa, said its two-phase expansion plan is a testament to the confidence that its German parent company has in the Southern African market.

“Our sustained growth trajectory in South Africa will require increased capacity in future. What we have achieved to date is evidence of our long-term vision for the region,” he said.

Over a six-year period, Fuchs Lubricants South Africa has achieved a 70% increase in sales and a 30% increase in production volumes.

The expansion plan was first envisioned five years ago. A project management team was organized in 2018 to thrash out the specifications for a planned new warehouse and lubricant blending plant. Deppe said the planning is already well advanced for the next phase, with a full study already undertaken for the new lubes plant. 

“We know exactly what we want at the end of the day. Now it is just about finding the opportune moment to commit to the next major tranche of the investment,” Deppe said.

Deppe commended the professional team for completing the first phase of the project on time and within budget. 

“I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the contractors and consultants, as well as our own staff who were involved,” said Deppe. “It was a fantastic partnership at the end of the day that allowed us to realise a project of this scale and complexity.”

FUCHS PETROLUB SE Chairman Stefan Fuchs and Executive Board Member Dr. Ralph Rheinboldt recorded a special video message for the official inauguration of the new warehouse.