Fuchs unveils ECOCOOL Global 20, a water miscible cutting and grinding fluid
Photo courtesy of Fuchs

Fuchs unveils ECOCOOL Global 20, a water miscible cutting and grinding fluid

Fuchs Lubricants is set to unveil a new member of the product family, ECOCOOL GLOBAL 20, a globally-approved water miscible cutting and grinding fluid for automotive component manufacturers.

There are more than 10 products in the ECOCOOL range of water-miscible cooling lubricants for a variety of functions.

“Customers have reported up to 43% reduction in tooling costs when using the latest ECOCOOL ‘Global’ platform with existing tooling. Greater savings can be realised when tools are optimised for the process. In other studies, tool life increases of up to 150% have been recorded,” said Alex Holmes, industrial product manager for Fuchs UK.

“In the Fuchs UK R&D laboratory, cutting speeds have been increased to provide real benefits in productivity whilst maintaining excellent tool life. The rate of metal removal can also be increased. Results have indicated a 16% increase in cutting speed is possible.

“We are looking forward to lifting the lid on our latest product – ECOCOOL GLOBAL 20. This is set to be the most innovative fluid yet to be introduced into the market,” Holmes said.

Fuchs Lubricants’ water-miscible cooling lubricants in the ECOCOOL range are exceptionally durable and economical in terms of consumption. 

Thanks to their excellent lubricating properties, they achieve extremely high machining and cutting performance, Holmes explained.

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