Gazprom Neft starts new major project at Omsk refinery

Gazprom Neft has started the implementation of a major new project, a deep refining complex, at its Omsk Refinery. Initial operations will involve preparing the site for construction of the facility, as well as the production and transportation of long-lead equipment.

Construction of the deep refining complex is being undertaken as part of the second phase of a major modernisation programme across Gazprom Neft refining assets, directed at increasing refining depth and the yield of light petroleum products.

Combining functionally related process facilities throughout the complex will allow high-quality petroleum products to be produced from heavy residual stock. The complex will integrate the processes of hydrocracking and hydrogen and sulphur production, while the use of cutting-edge technologies will see the removal of sulphur compounds reaching a level of 99.8%.

The planned annual capacity of the complex is two million tonnes.

The commissioning of the deep refining complex will allow the plant to increase the yield of light petroleum products (Euro-5 aviation and diesel fuels) by 6%.

Implementation of the project will also see the resource base for the production of modern high-performance low-impurity lubricants (Group II and Group III base oils) increasing to 250,000 tonnes per year.

“Refining efficiency under the second phase of modernisation at the Omsk refinery is being achieved through the introduction of new technological facilities and the implementation of new high-performance production processes. The technical solutions implemented under the project will allow us to deliver oil products of the highest environmental purity, consistent with current industrial and environmental safety standards, while minimising environmental impacts,” said Oleg Belyavsky, general director of the Gazprom Neft Omsk Refinery.

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