Gazpromneft Marine Lubricants expands presence in Mediterranean
Photo courtesy of Gazpromneft Marine Lubricants

Gazpromneft Lubricants starts production of marine engine oils for SECA

Russia’s Gazpromneft Lubricants, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, has started producing marine engine oils for vessels operating in the MARPOL Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA), a specific maritime navigation area that require vessels to use low-sulphur fuels. Production of these new products was made possible through a strategic partnership with Chevron Marine Lubricants.

Lube blending plants at the company’s Omsk and Moscow refineries are now producing Texaco Taro Special HT LS 40 and Taro 20 DP 30/ Taro 20 DP 40 oils, both of which are characterised by low alkaline properties, specifically designed for engines operating on low-sulphur fuels.

Taro Special HT LS 40 oil is intended for cylinder lubrication in a new generation of slow-speed cross-head (crank) engines, operating on low-sulphur fuels (1.5–2%) and operated at high-mechanical and high-temperature loads. These oils are formulated with high-quality paraffinic base stocks and carefully selected additives, ensuring optimum engine function under heavy workload and high temperatures.

Taro 20 DP 30 (X) / Taro 20 DP 40 (X) oils are recommended for all engine types, operating on marine diesel oil or low-sulphur heavy fuels (up to 2%). Their advantages include improved protection against wear, low sediment build-up and improved water resistance, protection against deposit formation, corrosion and rust. Careful calibration of additives ensures high performance and excellent protection for all engine parts.

“Our work prioritises production of high-technology lubricants, meeting today’s most demanding standards of ecological and industrial safety. We are proactively developing our partnership with Chevron Marine Lubricants, allowing us to supply marine oils to our clients in more than 800 ports worldwide,” said Gazpromneft Lubricants CEO Alexander Trukhan.