GKN Automotive introduces modular electric drive unit design
Photo courtesy of GKN Automotive

GKN Automotive introduces modular electric drive unit design

GKN Automotive, a prominent figure in global drive systems, recently launched a new eDrive concept. This innovative design caters to the increasing demand from niche electric vehicle manufacturers and EV conversion firms for modular electric drive technology.

Drawing from two decades of eDrive expertise, GKN Automotive presents a cost-efficient modular electric drive system. This system combines optimal efficiency, performance, and established technology in a readily available format.

Customers can anticipate three system options, with the earliest potentially available by 2025. These options range from a 113kW 2-in-1 system, combining motor and transmission, to a comprehensive 3-in-1 system. This integrated system encompasses an electric machine, transmission, and inverter, available in either 113kW or 185kW output.

This concept primarily targets niche electric vehicle manufacturers and the retro-conversion market. It seeks to gauge the market’s interest in a fresh eDrive sales approach. Versatile in application, it’s suitable for various vehicles, from compact cars to light commercial vehicles. This initiative could potentially expedite the shift to complete electrification, supporting both budding and established low-volume manufacturers.

Dirk Kesselgruber, GKN Automotive’s Chief Technology Officer, stated, “Over the past two decades, we’ve pioneered eDrive technologies for global automakers, propelling the electric shift. Our eCrate concept, rooted in our existing technology, aims to extend this tech to a broader customer base. We’re committed to fostering a greener, sustainable future through innovative solutions.”