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GP Petroleums launches Repsol lubricants in India

GP Petroleums Ltd, a subsidiary of UAE-based Gulf Petrochem group, launched a range of Repsol automotive lubricants in India yesterday. The range of products includes Repsol Moto for two-wheelers and Repsol Elite for passenger cars, which will be available commercially by the end of this month, and Repsol Diesel for commercial vehicles, which will be available in mid-May.

GP Petroleums announced last year its partnership with Spain’s Repsol to exclusively blend and sell Repsol products in India. The new partnership will focus on the automotive lubricant segment. In the industrial lubricants segment, GP Petroleums has its flagship brand IPOL. GP Petroleums has a manufacturing facility in Daman, Gujarat, where Repsol products can be manufactured.

“Partnering with GP Petroleums, a brand with strong presence in the Indian lubricant market, has given us a firsthand advantage in this sector,” said Carlos Pascual, Repsol’s international manager, lubricants – Europe, Africa, Middle East and Europe. “With our strengths together, we extend our capabilities to globally distribute a wider variety of products.”

According to Thangapandian Srinivasalu, executive director of Gulf Petrochems, GP Petroleums will soon start discussions with OEMs to supply Repsol products for their factory-fill requirements. “The fact that Tata Motors and Suzuki are already associated with Repsol in Spain, while Honda is working with Repsol in Indonesia will be quite helpful,” Srinivasalu said.