GP Petroleums ties up with Bangladesh distributor to boost Repsol exports
Photo courtesy of Repsol

GP Petroleums ties up with Bangladesh distributor to boost Repsol exports

GP Petroleums Limited, based in Mumbai, India, announced on February 17th signing a distribution agreement with Bangladesh’s NOOR Trading enabling Repsol lubricant product imports effective February 1st, 2024.

The partnership appoints NOOR Trading as an authorized marketer and distributor of Repsol branded lubricants manufactured by GP Petroleums across Bangladesh.

GP Petroleums holds the Repsol license from Spain’s Repsol Lubricantes Y Especialidades S.A. Its product range encompasses automotive and industrial lubricants.

“This strategic tie-up strengthens our Bangladesh presence and facilitates broader market access to drive export sales growth,” said GP Petroleums Managing Director Ravi Shamlal.

As India’s foremost lube exporter, GP Petroleums supplies 60+ countries leveraging collaborations with leading global brands coupled with extensive regional experience and infrastructure. The latest Bangladesh agreement expands the Repsol distribution footprint. GP Petroleums aims to deliver value creating quality products and services for customers worldwide.

GP Petroleums Limited, a part of the UAE-based GP Global Group, has a strategic licensing agreement with Repsol, one of Spain’s largest multinational oil and gas companies. This partnership allows GP Petroleums to manufacture and market Repsol branded lubricants in India and certain other territories. The relationship between GP Petroleums and Repsol is a significant aspect of GP Petroleums’ business, leveraging Repsol’s strong brand reputation and extensive range of high-quality lubricants.

Through this licensing agreement, GP Petroleums can utilize Repsol’s advanced technology and extensive research and development capabilities to offer a broad spectrum of superior lubricants. This collaboration not only enhances GP Petroleums’ product portfolio but also strengthens its position in the market by associating with a global brand known for quality and innovation.

The partnership is mutually beneficial, as it allows Repsol to expand its presence in the Indian market and other agreed territories through GP Petroleums’ established distribution network. For GP Petroleums, it provides an opportunity to diversify its product offerings and cater to a wider audience by leveraging Repsol’s international brand appeal and technical expertise.