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GreenMantra Technologies announces key executive appointments

GreenMantra Technologies, a rapidly growing producer of high-value waxes and other specialty materials from recycled plastics, based in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, announced three key additions to its senior leadership group designed to drive its ongoing growth strategy.

Kousay Said, a chemical industry veteran with expertise in leading both technology startups and established global chemical businesses, has been named president and chief executive officer. Ryan L’Abbe, experienced in operations, business management and business expansion strategies across multiple industries, has been named vice president, operations. Domenic Di Mondo, an inorganic chemist with expertise in polymer chemistry, catalysis and conversion of waste materials to higher value products, has been promoted to technical director.  Both L’Abbe and Di Mondo report to Said and will serve as members of the company’s executive leadership team.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to lead GreenMantra Technologies through its next phase of accelerated growth, as we scale up our new manufacturing plant and continue to add product offerings,” Said said. “I am equally gratified to have Ryan and Domenic on our executive team. Each brings a wealth of business experience and technical expertise that will strengthen our ability to balance growth, quality, profitability and the needs of our customers and the marketplace,” he said.

The company is finding a growing role as an additional supplier source in the USD 10 billion global wax materials market, where demand historically has significantly outstripped supply.   GreenMantra is finalising construction of a new, state-of-the-art modular manufacturing plant in Brantford. Upon completion later this spring, the plant will significantly expand GreenMantra’s production capacity for existing and new products, while demonstrating on a commercial scale the small plant footprint and modular capability of its technology.

“GreenMantra is uniquely positioned to address many of the challenges associated with petroleum based waxes, such as constrained supply, volatile pricing and environmental impacts,” Said said. “Our company is growing rapidly – we more than doubled our sales last year – and our new plant will enable us to continue to grow to serve our customers.”

GreenMantra Technologies utilises a proprietary catalytic system and patented process to cost-effectively transform recycled plastics into high-value waxes, greases, lubricants and other specialty chemicals. GreenMantra’s first-generation products include custom wax formulations and drop-in replacement waxes that are used in the production of roofing shingles, rubber, coatings, asphalt, and plastic color masterbatch. Other markets include engineered wood, plastics extrusion, hot melt adhesives, textiles, inks, cabling, drilling fluid and lubricants.