December 01, 2020

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GS Group appoints Huh Jin-soo as chairman of GS Caltex Corp.

GS Group appoints Huh Jin-soo as chairman of GS Caltex Corp.
Photo courtesy of GS Caltex.

South Korean conglomerate GS Group announced a reshuffle of key executives, including Vice Chairman Huh Jin-soo who has been promoted to chairman of GS Caltex Corp., the GS Group’s joint venture with U.S. oil major Chevron Corp.

GS Holdings Corp. CEO Jeong Taek-geun, GS Energy Corp. CEO Ha Young-bong, and GS E&R Corp. CEO Son Young-ki were promoted to the position of vice chairmen, while GS Holdings Corp. Vice President Hong Soon-ky and GS Power Co. Vice President Kim Eung-sik were promoted to president.

Huh Yong-soo, GS Energy’s vice president responsible for energy and resource business, was appointed to lead GS EPS Co. and Hur Sae-hong, GS Caltex Corp. vice president responsible for the petrochemical and lubricant business was appointed CEO of GS Global Corp. Huh Yong-soo is the eldest son of Seungsan Group Chairman Huh Wan-goo and Hur Sae-hong is the son of former GS Caltex Corp. Chairman Hur Dong-soo.

Kwon Bung-ju, GS Retail’s vice president for the supermarket business was promoted to CEO of Parnas Hotel Co. and Kim Hyung-soon, GS Caltex executive responsible for external affairs was promoted to CEO of Haeyang City Gas Co.

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