Gulf Oil international opens first service station in China
Photo courtesy of Gulf Oil

Gulf Oil international opens first service station in China

Gulf Oil International announced that the first Gulf-branded service station in China has been opened in Guangzhou.

In May 2018, Gulf Oil International announced that it had reached an agreement to launch a national service station network in China, with the initial 25 expected to be operational within the next 12 months and with the brand aiming for 1,200 stations in the coming decade.

The first Gulf Station was unveiled in Guangzhou on September 7, with Tobias Tasche, vice-president of Operations and Technology for Gulf Oil International, and Arthur Liu, general manager of Gulf Oil China, attending.

Manchester United legend Dwight Yorke was also present to cut the ribbon. The partnership with the world’s largest football club has accelerated Gulf’s entry into China’s service station market and is a testament to the strengths of the two world-renowned brands.

The new fuel retailing network is a joint venture between Gulf and Beibei Energy, with the move being the next logical step for Gulf Oil China, following substantial sales of its lubricants and the rapid expansion of Gulf’s lubricant distribution network in China during the last three years.

“The opening of Gulf’s first fuel station in China is a milestone for Gulf Oil China,” said Liu. “This shows that Gulf is committed to further develop the business map of Gulf in China beyond its lubricant business. Gulf Petroleum plans to establish 1,000-1,200 branded fuel stations in China within the next 10 years.”

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