June 05, 2020

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Gulf Oil Lubricants India announces tie-up with Mahindra Logistics
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Photo courtesy of Gulf Oil Lubricants

Gulf Oil Lubricants India has announced a tie-up with Mahindra Logistics to strengthen Gulf Oil’s supply chain and implement its post-GST consolidation strategy, which is focused on achieving efficiencies in total cost.

Under the agreement, a Central Distribution Center (CDC) has been set up in Chennai, India, with state-of-art Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to serve the entire product portfolio of Gulf Oil.

“Logistics is a key service differentiator for efficient and on-time delivery, in a cost-effective manner to end users. The main objective of this partnership is to ensure a robust yet compact distribution system, which will give operational advantage and meet customer demand in totality,” said Ravi Chawla, managing director, Gulf Oil Lubricants.

“Through this partnership, we will be able to save on warehousing costs, minimize stocks, free up the working capital and save on freight cost. Mahindra Logistics’ proven expertise and flexibility to meet future growth objectives at optimal cost will help us serve our customers in an efficient and timely manner,” he added.

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