Hadi Hallouche is appointed chief executive officer at Puma Energy
Photo of Hadi Hallouche (left) and Carlos Pons (right) courtesy of Puma Energy

Hadi Hallouche is appointed chief executive officer at Puma Energy

Puma Energy, which operates around 2,500 fuel retail outlets across 44 countries and six continents, announced Hadi Hallouche’s appointment as chief executive officer (CEO), effective September 30, 2021. Carlos Pons was also appointed chief financial officer (CFO).

Andrew Kemp, interim CEO, will be retiring on September 30, when Puma Energy expects its consolidation into Trafigura to become effective. The board of Puma Energy appointed Andrew Kemp as interim CEO in April 2021, following Trafigura’s purchase of Sonangol’s entire shareholding in Puma Energy. Kemp was CFO of Puma Energy at that time. The purchase of Sonangol’s stake in Puma Energy increased the shareholding of Trafigura, one of the world’s largest physical commodities trading groups, to more than 90%.

Hallouche, an Algerian national, with a PhD in Economics, joined Trafigura as an LNG trader in 2011. He spent seven years at Royal Dutch Shell before joining Trafigura. Since October 2019, he has been the co-head for Trafigura’s Oil Trading Division. He is also a member of the Trafigura Management Committee. These roles will continue alongside his role as chief executive officer at Puma Energy. He was previously the head of Oil Trading in Singapore for two years, and oversaw oil and gas trading activities across Asia Pacific. 

“I am pleased to announce Hadi Hallouche’s nomination as chief executive officer at Puma Energy. This appointment is subject to shareholder approval. Hadi assumes his position having been an active member on the Puma Board since October 2020. I have no doubt that Hadi will lead the company with drive, expertise,” said Rene Medori, non executive chairman of Puma Energy.

Pons, a Spanish national, joined Trafigura in 2013.  He holds a BA degree in Business Administration from the University of ICADE Madrid. Pons has 17 years’ experience in financial and asset management, mergers and acquisitions, and financing in the energy sector. His career began at Goldman Sachs, London, UK. He also worked as an investment banker in Moscow, Russia. He came from Glencore, where he was responsible for M&A for the Oil department. Pons was heavily involved in portfolio management and integration, as well as restructuring. In 2017-2018, he was also co-chief executive of Wolverine Fuels LLC. He serves as a member of the board for several Trafigura Group companies, including Wolverine Fuels and Porto Sudeste. 

“Puma Energy’s appointment of Carlos as chief financial officer will give it a fresh perspective. He also has the benefit from his extensive career in finance, corporate transactions and executive management, including at Glencore, Goldman Sachs and Trafigura,” said Medori.

“Finally, I’d like to commend Andrew Kemp on his outstanding stewardship at Puma Energy during the past few months, as interim CEO, and thank him for his leadership throughout a period significant change.”