Honda opens electrification R&D hub in Bengaluru
Photo courtesy of Honda

Honda opens electrification R&D hub in Bengaluru

Honda R&D (India) Private Limited, a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., inaugurated its new Solution R&D Center in Bengaluru, Karnataka, marking a significant step in its mission to accelerate the electrification of vehicles in India. This facility is part of Honda’s broader goal to achieve carbon neutrality for all its products and corporate activities by 2050, with a specific focus on its motorcycle & power products business, aiming for carbon neutrality in the 2040s.

The opening of the Bengaluru center aligns with India’s own environmental goals, following the government’s announcement at COP26 to target net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2070. In response to these ambitious targets and the ongoing economic growth in India, Honda is positioning itself not just to adapt to electrification trends but to lead in innovation outside traditional frameworks.

The new center will enhance the development of electrified vehicles by integrating advanced mobility technologies more swiftly. It will also focus on software and connected services, leveraging open innovation through collaborations with research and development companies. The strategic location in Bengaluru allows the Solution R&D Center to tap into the local ecosystem, partnering with pioneering companies to create services and business models that extend beyond existing product scopes.

Moreover, Honda is committed to addressing broader social issues through its Triple Action to ZERO initiative. This includes efforts toward carbon neutrality, promoting clean energy, and enhancing resource circulation. The company is also dedicated to reducing traffic accidents, aiming to achieve zero traffic collision fatalities by 2050.

This facility is set to play a crucial role in Honda’s global strategy, ensuring the delivery of innovative, environmentally friendly mobility solutions. Through technological advancements and continuous innovation, Honda aims to bring the joy of mobility to its customers, aligning its operations with future environmental and safety targets.