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Photo courtesy of Honda

Honda partners with Bharat Petroleum’s MAK-branded lubricants in India

Honda has partnered with state-owned Bharat Petroleum in India to launch the MAK Honda Power engine oil.

The engine oil was formulated to meet the requirements of Honda and is available in two versions: MAK Honda Power 10W-30 MA for motorcycles and MAK Honda Power 10W-30 MB for scooters.

Japan’s JASO T903 has established two performance categories for motorcycle oils: MA for motorcycles fitted with wet clutch and MB for motorcycles fitted with automatic transmission (scooters).

MAK Honda Power engine oil claims to improve acceleration and provide higher fuel efficiency for Honda motorbikes and scooters, as well as protect the engine from deposits.

Both engine oils are now available at Bharat Petroleum/MAK lubricant outlets across India. The MAK Honda Power 10W-30 MA is available in a 900ml pack priced at INR 278 (USD3.80) while the MAK Honda Power 10W-30 MB comes in an 800ml pack which costs INR 299 (USD4.08).

Backed by strong domestic sales, India is now the number one contributor to Honda’s global two-wheeler sales. Growing its exports across regions, Honda 2Wheelers India exports to 28 diverse markets across Asia-Oceania, Latin America, the Middle East, and Europe. Honda 2Wheelers India’s diverse export portfolio includes a total of 16 models.

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