Honda unveils EV concept models representing new global series
Photo courtesy of Honda

Honda unveils EV concept models representing new global series 

Japanese automaker Honda has revealed concept models previewing its new global electric vehicle (EV) series called the Honda 0 Series, which will launch starting in North America in 2026. The Japanese automaker unveiled the sporty Honda 0 Series Saloon and spacious 0 Series Space-Hub at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

The 0 Series represents a major EV push for Honda. The name signifies going back to the company’s origins to create EVs from scratch for the next era. Honda aims to evolve its “joy of driving” and commitment to people-centric design for sustainable electric mobility.

The models adopt a new approach called “Thin, Light and Wise” to increase interior space and driving dynamics without weighing down vehicles with oversized batteries. Honda 0 Series EVs will be built on a dedicated architecture offering five core values:

– Striking design eliciting an emotional resonance 

– ADAS and future AD for safety and peace of mind

– Connected services and AI assistant creating new utility

– Joyful driving experience with responsive handling

– Outstandingly efficient electric powertrain 

Style resonating with environment and driver

The Saloon concept embodies the 0 Series design language centered around “The Art of Resonance” with people and nature. Its sleek proportions enabled by the EV platform increase interior space. The minimalist, driver-focused cockpit features natural materials and intuitive controls.

The Saloon also debuts new steer-by-wire technology and motion control systems for an incredible driving experience. As the 0 Series flagship, it exemplifies Honda’s pursuit of driving joy in the EV era.

Versatile ‘Space-Hub’ for daily life

Sharing the 0 Series design cues, the Space-Hub concept focuses on versatility and usability. Its airy cabin offers flexibility for work or leisure supported by connected services. The Space-Hub aims to be a hub enriching time spent traveling and creating resonance between occupants, activities and society.  

Honda also revealed an updated, modernised H logo reflecting its EV transformation. The wing-shaped emblem will adorn future electric Hondas.