Hong Kong extends incentive scheme for ocean-going vessels

Hong Kong’s air pollution control regulation, which requires ocean-going vessels (OGVs) to use compliant fuels while at berth in Hong Kong, will take effect from 1 July 2015. Accordingly, marine fuels will have to meet the maximum sulphur requirement of 0.5%.

Ocean-going vessels (OGVs) run on residual oil, whose sulphur content is 2.8% on average. The emission of OGVs while at berth accounts for about 40% of their total emission within Hong Kong waters.  Thus, since 2012, Hong Kong authorities have encouraged ship operators to use low sulphur fuel products while at berth, through reduced port fees for ships that have applied for the Port Facilities and Light Dues Incentive Scheme.

The current incentive scheme expires on 25 September 2015, but Hong Kong has decided to extend the expiration date to 31 March 2018, as well as to also cover liquefied natural gas (LNG), fuels and technology intended to reduce SOx emissions starting from 1 July 2015.

Ships/operators who wish to make use of the incentive scheme are advised to apply for registration under the extended incentive scheme before 26 September 2015.

OGVs not plying exclusively within the river-trade limits are eligible for the scheme. They are currently subject to port facilities and light dues of HKD 43 (USD 5.5) per 100 tons.

More details about the registration process can be found through this link: