Hyundai and Shell launch co-branded lubricants
Photo courtesy of Shell

Hyundai and Shell launch co-branded lubricant in Pakistan

Hyundai Nishat Motor (Private) Limited (HNMPL) has collaborated with Shell, the leading global supplier of finished lubricants for 16 years, to launch co-branded lubricant products exclusively designed for Hyundai vehicles sold in Pakistan.

The collaboration will create a fully synthetic lubricant, the next-generation co-branded 5W-30 AH, specially formulated and built to keep the Hyundai vehicle’s engine running at full performance.

“Hyundai Motor has complete trust in the high-quality lubricants and fueling products marketed by Shell all over the world,” said Hyundai Nishat Motor CEO Hasan Mansha. “This collaboration reflects the inspiration of both companies for innovation and greater reliability in automobiles which is based on extensive research and development.”

“We are pleased to work in cohesion with a world-class automobile producer, like Hyundai,” said  Waqar Siddiqui, CEO and Managing Director of Shell Pakistan Limited, based in Karachi. He said the new lubricant formula was “exclusively designed” for the “unmatched cleansing of the Hyundai vehicle engines, mile after mile, to ensure peak performance in the long run.” 

Shell Pakistan Limited is a subsidiary of Shell plc. In November 2022, Shell celebrated its 75th year in Pakistan.

Hyundai Nishat is a Pakistani automobile manufacturer and joint venture between Hyundai and Nishat Mills, based in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Hyundai Nishat is the authorized assembler and manufacturer of Hyundai vehicles in Pakistan and began production from its Faisalabad plant in 2019.