ICONIC Base Oil and Acelen partner to distribute base oils in Brazil
Photo courtesy of ICONIC

ICONIC Base Oil and Acelen partner to distribute base oils in Brazil

ICONIC Base Oil has announced a strategic partnership with Acelen to distribute base oils to the Southeast and South regions of Brazil. This collaboration aims to enhance the logistics and availability of Group 1 base oils, such as Medium Neutral REFMAT 220 and Bright Stock REFMAT 140.

ICONIC Base Oil is a leading supplier of high-quality base oils based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Acelen is involved in refining crude oil and producing various petroleum products, including diesel, gasoline, and base oils and is headquartered in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Acelen operates the Mataripe Refinery, one of the largest refining complexes in Brazil, located in Bahia. The Mataripe Refinery is the second-largest refinery in Brazil, producing Group 1 base oils primarily used in automotive lubricants, agribusiness, and various industrial applications.

The partnership will focus on distributing approximately 40 million litres of Group I base oils annually. Initial distribution has begun on a phased basis, with supplies directed to the ICONIC Basic Oils Terminal in São Cristóvão, Rio de Janeiro. This initiative is expected to streamline logistics and improve delivery efficiency, ensuring a reliable supply of essential products to ICONIC’s main customers in the targeted regions.

ICONIC Base Oil is committed to providing excellent service through improved logistics and a wider delivery window for Acelen’s base oils. The company also operates a state-of-the-art Technology Center (CTIC) in South America, which conducts extensive tests and analyses. Additionally, a team of highly qualified technical consultants is available to assist customers with any inquiries, ensuring top-tier support and service quality.

Marcelo Guimarães, executive manager of ICONIC Base Oil, expressed enthusiasm about the new partnership, stating, “It is a great honor to start this cycle of partnership with Acelen. We hope to have a long-term relationship. We are committed to serving all our customers with excellence and quality.”

Rodrigo Vivarelli, special products manager at Acelen, highlighted the importance of the partnership. “We are talking about an important product in our portfolio, which gains even more strength through this partnership with ICONIC Base Oil. We remain committed to valuing transparency in communication along with the quality of the products offered to our customers. Our aim is always to transform the energy sector with the guarantee of new business.”