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In South Africa, Volkswagen and Castrol localise parents’ global strategic partnership

Volkswagen Group South Africa (VWSA) has adopted and localised key elements of the global strategic partnership between Volkswagen Group and BP/Castrol Global.

In South Africa, VWSA and Castrol South Africa formally localised the global strategic agreement between their respective parent companies by identifying opportunities for synergies.

“VWSA is excited to have formalised the global working relationship with Castrol in South Africa and is looking forward to working together to expand opportunity in Sub-Saharan Africa as well. Synergies will be exploited in all markets to guarantee excellent service to our mutual customers,” said Stefan Mecha, director of sales and marketing, Volkswagen Group South Africa.

“Castrol values its long-standing global partnership with the Volkswagen Group and is pleased to see that relationship now being established locally. We look forward to building on that relationship and developing new synergies as our relationship evolves,” said David Bouet, managing director, Castrol South Africa.

The agreement includes cooperation between the two companies in the following areas:

  • Joint technology work on lubricants and fuels;
  • Preferred supplier status for BP/Castrol in factory fill fuels and lubricants and in industrial lubricants and greases;
  • Brand association, including a global recommendation for Castrol-branded aftermarket products;
  • Development of the aftermarket through the franchise network to ensure the customer is always offered the oil recommended by Volkswagen Group.

Currently, Castrol lubricants are recommended globally in handbooks and manuals of the Volkswagen Group vehicles. Oil filler caps are also Castrol branded, giving quality assurance to Volkswagen, Audi and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles drivers.

VWSA now offers Volkswagen Genuine Oil, filled by Castrol, in different pack sizes. Volkswagen Genuine Oil fulfills all the manufacturer’s specific technical requirements, demonstrating Castrol’s ability to tailor its product to set specifications locally.