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Infineum announces high performing viscosity modifier

Infineum, one of the world’s leaders in the formulation, manufacture and marketing of petroleum additives for lubricants and fuels, has announced a new viscosity modifier which offers the benefits of fuel economy combined with soot and viscosity control.

“The increasing fragmentation, complexity and tightness of performance requirements is making formulating more and more challenging for the industry,” said Marco Di Gennaro, portfolio manager at Infineum. “With Infineum SV600 we have developed a high performing viscosity modifier that, in combination with the Infineum additive package, can deliver outstanding performance in engine durability, soot handling and fuel economy.”

Oils formulated with Infineum additives and with Infineum SV600 recently met a major European OEM specification, which required passing a series of highly challenging engine tests. This specification defines oils with extraordinary properties of durability and cleanliness, and the latest version combines this with the stringent fuel economy requirement.

According to Infineum, the Infineum SV600 technology can help deliver significant benefits in the latest generation of engine tests that focuses on fuel economy and soot handling. Oils formulated within Infineum SV600, in conjunction with Infineum additives, have demonstrated fuel economy advantages in test procedures representing different driving modes, including the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle), as well as the Japanese JC-08, the company said.

This fuel economy advantage is delivered directly by the unique design of the Infineum SV600 molecule structure, which contracts, reducing viscosity contribution at the critical operating temperature. At the same time, Infineum SV600’s uniform molecular weight and distribution gives superior shear stability so oils are highly resistant to mechanical stress. Combined with outstanding soot handling and viscosity control, this means less engine wear and overall increased engine protection.