Infinium launches world's first commercial eFuels facility in Texas
Photo courtesy of Infinium

Infinium launches world’s first commercial eFuels facility in Texas

Infinium announced the successful operation of the world’s first commercial-scale facility for producing electrofuels (eFuels) in Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S.A. Known as Project Pathfinder, this pioneering plant is continuously producing synthetic, ultra-low carbon eFuels that can be seamlessly integrated into existing heavy transportation and chemical processing applications.

Infinium’s eFuels are created using a patented process that combines captured carbon dioxide (CO2) and green hydrogen derived from renewable power sources. The resulting fuels, including sustainable aviation fuel (eSAF), eDiesel, and eNaphtha, are free of sulfur and produced without process emissions. These eFuels have earned the distinction of being the only drop-in ready eFuels in North America to receive ISCC PLUS certification, signifying their sustainability and traceability. Infinium is based in Sacramento, California, U.S.A.

Project Pathfinder stands out for its integration of Infinium’s novel fuel production technology, on-site electrolyzers, a state-of-the-art laboratory, and logistics and delivery mechanisms. The facility was constructed and commissioned under Infinium’s supervision, with the company also responsible for all operations and maintenance.

“As both a technology innovator and a project developer, we have end-to-end control of the eFuels production process. This gives us a constant feedback loop that enables us to rapidly accelerate additional projects and scale our global production of eFuels,” said Robert Schuetzle, CEO at Infinium.

In addition to being the world’s only operational eFuels facility producing drop-in ready fuels that can be used in existing combustion engines and chemical processing, Project Pathfinder serves as Infinium’s eFuels Center of Excellence, providing key learnings and identifying best practices for current and future projects. This includes process optimizations, development programs, operator and staff training and construction and execution expertise that ensure standardization for future projects.

Infinium is currently developing more than a dozen additional eFuels projects across the United States, European Union, Japan, and Australia. The company’s mission is to decarbonise the world by providing electrofuels as a cleaner alternative for transportation and chemical processing. With backing from major cleantech investors like Amazon, Infinium is poised to make a significant impact in reducing carbon emissions.