Intertek launches ground-breaking Total Sustainability Assurance
Photo courtesy of Intertek

Intertek launches ground-breaking Total Sustainability Assurance

Intertek Group plc announced the launch of Total Sustainability Assurance, an industry-leading, independent assurance solution enabling businesses to demonstrate their end-to-end commitment to sustainability.

Launched officially at an event in London last week, Intertek Total Sustainability Assurance is a pioneering initiative that provides an end-to-end, independent, systemic sustainability programme from both an operational and corporate perspective.

Intertek’s new Corporate Sustainability Certification is a holistic assurance programme that audits and certifies the quality of processes in place based on 10 Intertek proprietary standards that benchmark the end-to-end approach of any company on all aspects of its corporate activities. This ground-breaking innovation is powered by Intertek’s global network of technical experts and advanced software platforms, to track progress against clients’ own sustainability

In the last five years, the expectations of all stakeholders — consumers, employees, suppliers, regulators, communities, students, government and shareholders — have continued to rise, demanding that companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainability throughout their businesses with clear goals, precise action plans and transparent reporting.

A tipping point has been reached in the world of sustainability, yet the profusion in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting standards, definitions and terms has made it difficult for corporations to build clear, measurable and authenticated sustainability objectives into their business models.

Intertek research shows that there is a growing demand for end-to-end sustainability solutions covering both the operational and corporate aspects of sustainability. 74% of c-suite level respondents agree that customers and other stakeholders are demanding that companies do more in relation to sustainability with 92% acknowledging that some of their supply chain would receive a poor sustainability report if it was fully audited.

“Intertek Total Sustainability Assurance is a holistic programme to help our clients take an end-to-end approach to delivering sustainable activities in each area of their company. Based on our discussions with our clients and our customer research, we are expanding our sustainability offering with ground-breaking innovation, Intertek Corporate Sustainability Certification. 76% of senior executives recently interviewed consider that an end-to-end audit programme that would assess, benchmark and independently verify their entire sustainability footprint would be appealing,” said André Lacroix, CEO of Intertek.

“True to our company’s heritage of bringing quality and safety to life with a pioneering spirit, we want Intertek to remain a force for good for many years to come. Sustainability is the movement of our time and at Intertek, we are passionate about supporting the needs of our clients. Indeed, we believe we are born to make the world even better and we are ready to help corporations address their complex sustainability challenges of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.”

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