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Investment fund buys majority stake in Dutch lube oil additive company

Bencis Buyout Fund IV, a fund managed by Bencis Capital Partners, an independent investment company based in Amsterdam and Brussels, has acquired a majority stake in lube oil additive manufacturer BRB Holding B.V., based in Ittervoort, The Netherlands.

BRB supplies a range of products marketed by two business units to a broad range of customers in different industries like lubricants, cosmetics, coatings, automotive, offshore and high tech industries.

“Within 35 years, BRB has evolved into a global player,” says Ralph Pinckaers, BRB CEO. “Now is the time to move to the next level. We have made strategic investments for both our silicone and lube oil additive businesses, in Malaysia and Singapore respectively. Bencis comes at the perfect moment to help us fuel our further growth. We now can realize manufacturing and product range expansion, extended geographical coverage and new business partnerships, while capitalizing on our identity: Ambition, Flexibility and Innovation.”

“We at Bencis use our 15 years of experience to facilitate growth via an intelligent, but also highly involved, approach. Through joint consultation, we progress in leaps and bounds and ultimately realize the company’s ambitions,” says Lesley van Zutphen, managing partner with Bencis Capital Partners B.V.

BRB’s silicones business unit produces specialty silicones like emulsions, anti-foams, water repellants, silanes, resins, silicone polyethers, vinyl silicones, amino silicones, dimethiconol blends, cross polymers and many more customised products for the silicone industry. The new partnership with Bencis will accelerate the growth in its two core markets for silicones: personal & home care and construction & coating. BRB also supplies a very broad range of core and specialty intermediates to the silicone industry.

Its lube oil additives and chemicals (LAC) business unit manufactures a full range of lubricant additive packages and components to formulate finished lubricants. Its core strength is viscosity index improvers (VII), automotive and industrial gear oil additives, as well as off-road and engine oil packages. LAC also offers a wide variety of chemical products, such as coolants, screen wash fluids and environmental friendly solutions for the petrochemical cleaning industry.

Bencis has a 16-year history of investing in strong and successful businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium. With offices in Amsterdam and Brussels/Diegem, Bencis currently invests in 14 companies, which together employ approximately 4,250 people. These businesses achieve a combined annual turnover of approximately EUR 1.1 billion (USD 1.25 billion). Bencis aims to invest in companies with an operating profit of up to EUR 50 million (USD 56.95 million).