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IPAC prevails in IP legal actions against Black Gold and Jeff Melendez

IPAC prevails in IP legal actions against Black Gold and Jeff Melendez
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IPAC has prevailed in two separate legal actions against a former sales representative/distributor company – Monaco-based Black Gold S.A.R.L., owned by Lorenzo Napoleoni and Sophia Napoleoni – and a former employee, Jeff Melendez, for theft of IPAC’s intellectual property. 

International Petroleum Products and Additives Company Inc. (IPAC) is a full-service additive manufacturing and sales company based in Dublin, California, U.S.A., with manufacturing locations in Illinois, Louisiana, Texas, California and Ghent, Belgium. IPAC develops and manufactures cost-effective components and additive packages that are carefully balanced for peak performance in a challenging and changing marketplace. These additives meet or surpass stringent industry, government and OEM specifications. IPAC serves the automotive, heavy duty, industrial, driveline, chemical and fuel global additive industries, tailoring solutions to customers’ precise needs.

In the Black Gold arbitration International Petroleum Products and Additives Company, Inc., v. Black Gold S.A.R.L., 4:19-cv-03004-YGR (CAND), the arbitrator found Black Gold liable for misappropriating IPAC’s intellectual property and awarded IPAC more than $1 million, issuing a strong injunction against Black Gold. Documents from that lawsuit are publicly available and can be downloaded via Pacer. 

In the Melendez matter, the arbitrator awarded IPAC $55,306.25 and has issued an injunction for the return or destruction of IPAC’s intellectual property by Mr. Melendez and those with whom he shared this property.

The arbitrators also determined that PXL Chemicals LLC, PXL Chemicals BV, and founders Steven Plitt and Lorenzo Napoleoni purposely harmed IPAC through theft of intellectual property. Plitt is a former IPAC employee. IPAC is currently pursuing separate legal action against these PXL entities.