Kixx expands immersion cooling fluids portfolio with new products
Photo courtesy of Kixx

Kixx expands immersion cooling fluids portfolio with new products

Kixx, an integrated automotive and industrial lubricant brand under GS Caltex, a leading energy company based in Seoul, South Korea, has expanded its range of immersion cooling fluids.

Following the successful launch of Kixx Immersion Fluid S in November 2023, Kixx has introduced four additional fluids to its portfolio:

  • Kixx Immersion Fluid S 5
  • Kixx Immersion Fluid S 30
  • Kixx Immersion Fluid S E
  • Kixx Immersion Fluid S BIO

These new products cater to a variety of applications, from data centres to electric vehicle (EV) batteries and energy storage systems (ESS), enhancing energy efficiency and equipment protection across multiple sectors.

Each new fluid has been rigorously tested to ensure reliability and safety in real-world settings. The products comply with the U.S. Open Compute Projectโ€™s (OCP) Base Specification for Immersion Fluids, which emphasises sustainability, safety, and interoperability.

Product highlights

  • Kixx Immersion Fluid S 5: Known for its energy efficiency, compatibility with various materials, and biodegradability, making it safe for environments where it may come into contact with food.
  • Kixx Immersion Fluid S 30: Features a high flash point of 250 degrees Celsius, offering improved thermal stability.
  • Kixx Immersion Fluid S E: Similar to S 30, it offers excellent energy efficiency and biodegradability.
  • Kixx Immersion Fluid S BIO: Utilises bio-based materials that absorb carbon dioxide during plant growth, making the fluid carbon-negative.