Kixx uses 20% recycled plastic in lubricant containers
Photo courtesy of Kixx

Kixx uses 20% recycled plastic in lubricant containers

In a move towards sustainability, Kixx, a leading lubricant brand in South Korea, has announced its initiative to integrate recycled plastic into its product containers. This decision aligns with the brand’s commitment to reducing plastic consumption during the manufacturing phase.

The brand employs Mechanical Recycling (MR), a process that preserves the original molecular composition of the plastics being recycled. Unlike other recycling methods, such as chemical recycling that alters the structure of materials, MR compacts materials to produce a renewed source of usable plastic. This method is not only environmentally efficient but also promotes a circular approach to recycling, according to GS Caltex which owns the Kixx brand.

The company’s application of MR targets small lubricant containers, encompassing sizes from 0.8 to 6 litres (L). The brand’s initiative will see these containers composed of 20% recycled plastic, with aspirations to elevate this percentage in subsequent phases. This strategy underscores the company’s commitment to fostering an eco-friendly approach to container manufacturing and reducing carbon emissions in the foreseeable future.

To bolster transparency and enlighten consumers about these recycling techniques, the revamped Kixx containers will feature QR codes which when scanned will provide users information regarding the origins of the container materials, the intricacies of the production process, and the benefits of MR.

In May 2023, Kixx unveiled its redesigned 1L lubricant container, which not only showcased a sleeker visual appeal but also boasted enhanced resilience. This design innovation resulted in a 30% decline in plastic utilisation, culminating in lighter, environmentally-friendly bottles. With the latest inclusion of 20% recycled plastic, Kixx remains steadfast in its mission to annually reduce plastic consumption, while maintaining the quality and durability that customers associate with its premium lubricant products.