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B100 fuel fails federal air quality tests

The only service station in Sydney that offered greenhouse-friendly biofuel has stopped selling it after the fuel failed government air quality tests. The B100 fuel can power an unmodified diesel engine and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by more than 80% as well as engine wear, but federal Environment Department tests show it was releasing unacceptable levels of sulfur. The results mean hundreds of people driving biofuel vehicles, including some Marrickville Council trucks, now have nowhere to fill up if they want to keep running on B100. “All our loyal customers are upset but we don’t want to break any rules so we can’t sell B100 any more,” said Bill Panagopoulos, who runs Franks Automotive in Marrickville with his father, Frank. The family has operated the garage for 20 years but started selling biofuels only in 2007 when they identified a gap in the market. The source of the B100 fuel that failed the tests remains unclear. Australia’s main supplier of biofuel made from soybeans, National Biodiesel, has supplied Franks Automotive in the past but was able to prove it did not supply the fuel that failed the tests. (April 20, 2011)