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Biofuels 88 plant to start up in 2009

Filipino-owned Biofuels 88 Corp. (BF88) is investing Php700 million (US$14.64 million) to build an ethanol plant to supply independent oil companies in the Philippines. The plant in Mariveles, Bataan, is expected to start commercial operation in July 2009. The project, which is listed under the Investment Priorities Plan under the listing Energy — Development of Fuel Blends, was approved on a non-pioneer status without prejudice to upgrading it to pioneer once it is established that the project will be utilizing “new and clean technology” as specified in the IPP specific guidelines. Based on its BoI application, the company would produce 19.8 million liters a year or 60,000 liters per day of fuel grade anhydrous ethanol suited for gasoline blending, using either sugarcane juice or molasses as feedstock. (March 21, 2007)