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Ethanol blended petrol likely from October

A Group of Ministers on sugar has recommended making 5% blending of ethanol in petrol mandatory from the next sugar season, starting October 2007, in India. “The GoM has recommended compulsory blending of petrol with 5% ethanol, while 10% will be optional, from the next month,” a senior government official said. The move would enable the use of more sugarcane to manufacture ethanol, while also helping the sugar industry that is presently crippled with over production. The recommendations are for the entire country except Jammu and Kashmir, the north-east states and island territories, the official added. He also said the matter would be placed before the Cabinet shortly. Currently, the government allows 5% optional blending of ethanol in petrol. At 5%, 600 million liters of ethanol is required for blending. The GoM has also recommended a uniform purchase price of Rs 21.50 (US$.54) per liter for ethanol, the official said. Another top food ministry official said: “GoM has agreed. But there are a lot of issues that needs to be sorted out with the state governments to make the ethanol blending program successful.” The optional ethanol blending, which has been permitted by the government since November 2006, is yet to take off due to differences in levies imposed by the individual state governments for inter-state movement. (September 2, 2007)