Goulston to introduce high performance textile lubricants using algal oil

Solazyme, Inc., a renewable oil and bioproducts company based in South San Francisco, Calif., said it will supply Goulston Technologies Inc., a leading global producer of high-performance fiber lubricants based in Monroe, NC, with high oleic oils for textile lubricants derived from microalgae.
Goulston expects to commercialize a new class of sustainable products using Solazyme’s renewable high-performance, Tailored (TM) algal oils for textile lubricants next year.
“Solazyme’s unique renewable Tailored (TM) oil technology provides us with new options to develop our next generation of high performance products,” said Srinivasan Ranganathan, Goulston’s chief technology officer. “In addition, our goal is to provide the industry with the highest performance lubricants with the lowest environmental impact. We are committed to using sustainable raw materials wherever possible and we are excited to announce the immediate introduction of high-performance textile finishes based on Solazyme algal oils.”
“Solazyme’s renewable Tailored(TM) algal oils are able to provide outstanding performance and a more sustainable solution with better lubrication, surface tension and viscosity index, plus enhanced stability at elevated temperature, pressure and/or speed, making them ideal for technical applications like textile finishes and for the general lubricants market,” said Rob Evans, Solazyme’s vice president of sales, Solazyme.
“We have executed an agreement to supply Goulston’s high oleic oil needs using our best-in-class algal derived high oleic oil and we look forward to further partnering with Goulston Technologies to develop and commercialize an expanded portfolio of products in the future.”
As a result of continuing growth in global fiber production, industry estimates now put the fiber lubricant market at more than 1 billion pounds annually.