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Hydrogen fuel-cell cars at Beijing Olympics

A total of 20 hydrogen fuel-cell cars were expected to provide zero-emission transportation services for the Beijing Olympic Games after their manufacturer delivered 15 such sedans. Shanghai Volkswagen had already delivered five such cars to Beijing. The engines for these vehicles were jointly designed and developed by prestigious Tongji University, Shanghai Automobile Industry Corporation (Group) and Shanghai Fuel Cell Vehicle Powertrain Co., Ltd. The 20 sedans would be used to provide transportation services for some VIPs, officials and media people. They were a major part of a nearly 500 strong “green motorcade” which would provide zero-emission services at key venues of the Games. These cars were able to run at a maximum speed of nearly 150 kilometers per hour and they could finish a distance of more than 300 kilometers with a one-time hydrogen charge, according to Tongji University. (July 7, 2008)