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Information ministry to explain fuel price restructuring

The Malaysian Information Ministry will explain to the people the rationale behind the restructuring of the fuel subsidy implemented by the government. Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, said the information would be delivered through dialogues and other programs with relevant institutions like ministries, government agencies, political parties including from the opposition, as well as industries which were directly affected by the price hike. “As such, a media committee under the Anti-Inflation Council is set up for the purpose and is made up of the ministries’ officers, print and electronic media editors and representatives of relevant government agencies to draw up strategic plans to provide information to the people,” he said after chairing the committee meeting. Everyone must understand this, not just government supporters, (but also) those with different political views and ideologies, as the fuel price hike is a worldwide crisis. Opposition groups vowed to push ahead with plans for mass protests against a sharp 41% hike in gasoline prices, despite the government’s pledge not to further raise prices this year. The price hike had sparked sporadic protests nationwide. (June 10/12, 2008)