Kraton debuts SYLVASOLV line of sustainable biobased oils

Kraton debuts SYLVASOLV line of sustainable biobased oils

Specialty chemicals maker Kraton Corporation announced the launch of its SYLVASOLV series featuring patented biobased oils. As the initial product, SYLVASOLV 1000 brings high performance and reduced environmental impact to agriculture and industrial applications.

Derived from pine pulping co-product crude tall oil (CTO), SYLVASOLV represents an alternative to petroleum-based fluids across lubricants, coatings and more. Alongside sustainability benefits, the products offer versatile solvency power and cold temperature properties expanding formulation options, the company said.

SYLVASOLV 1000 enables certain fertilizer coatings for dust and caking control during handling while supporting pesticide penetration as an adjuvant. Kraton aims for the launch to exemplify its commitment to bio-based innovation.

โ€œWe are excited to introduce SYLVASOLV biobased oils to the market,โ€ said Lana Culbert, senior director of Global Marketing, Kraton. โ€œThe launch of SYLVASOLV 1000 further demonstrates Kratonโ€™s commitment to providing sustainable, high-performance alternatives to petroleum-based products. This 100% biobased oil can improve fertilizer coating formulations and enable a reduced carbon footprint.”

About Kraton

Kraton Corporation is a leading specialty renewable polymers and pine-based chemicals company. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., its products are used across industries from lubricants to medical packaging to tire manufacturing and paving. Kraton employs around 2,000 people globally.