Lanxess introduces additives for biodiesel stability

German specialty chemical company Lanxess has introduced two additives to its product portfolio. Baynox Ultra and Baynox Cargo are both highly concentrated additives designed for stabilising biodiesel. Lanxess unveiled the products at the “Fuels of the Future” trade conference in Berlin, Germany.

Baynox Ultra, designed for biodiesels made from polyunsaturated fats such as soybean and sunflower methyl esters, has more than 40% active ingredients. It consists of highly active antioxidants and a chelator, dissolved in a “green” solvent. Because it is highly concentrated, only 200 to 500 parts per million (ppm) of Baynox Ultra is usually required to ensure a stable biodiesel. Additionally, it stays liquid at negative five degrees Celsius.

Baynox Cargo is designed for biodiesels in ships and ports. It also remains liquid down to negative five degrees Celsius, has a flash point of 60 degrees Celsius, and contains more than 35% of the antioxidant Baynox.

Biofuels made from raw materials have special needs when it comes to staying stable, or not becoming rancid. When exposed to light, heat and pressure, or when left unused, a biofuel can become rancid. Oxidation then begins to take place in chain reactions, ultimately damaging the engine and injection system.

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