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Laugfs Lubricants launches Laugfs Eco Cool+ engine coolant

Laugfs Lubricants Limited announced the launch of  Laugfs Eco Cool+, a ready-to-use premixed, antifreeze engine coolant with “Intelligent Molecular Technology” in Sri Lanka.

“We are delighted to bring in another superior product to our local consumers with Laugfs Eco Cool+,” said Laugfs Lubricants Director/CEO Gamini Amarasekara, speaking at the product launch.

“As a Sri Lankan company, and a pioneer in our industry, we are extremely pleased to provide another innovative solution to our local consumers under the Laugfs brand.”

Laugfs Eco Cool+, which is marketed by Laugfs Lubricants, is designed and formulated with cutting-edge Organic Acid Technology (OAT). This provides strong protection for coolant system metals against rust and corrosion, without inhibiting heat transition from the metal surface. This serves as the main difference between Laugfs Eco Cool+ and conventional coolant technology, where the corrosion protection mechanism involves indiscriminately covering the entire metal surface to protect it from corrosion, which results in inhibition of heat transition from the surface. The new coolant also provides a superior balance of protection against freezing and overheating and faster cooling down of the engine.

It is specially formulated to provide long-lasting protection for vehicles, with a service life up to 250,000 kilometres or five years, whichever comes first. Moreover, it is designed to deliver an optimum cooling system operation by protecting the coolant system metals and allowing heat transition efficiency to be maximised.

Laugfs Eco Cool+ comes in one litre and four litre SKUs and will be suitable for all vehicle types, including Japanese, European, American and Korean vehicles. This ready-to-use premixed antifreeze coolant is available for motorists at all leading service centres, garages and oil shops island-wide.

Established in 2008, Laugfs Lubricant Limited is a subsidiary of Laugfs Holdings. It is the first Sri Lankan company to introduce a local lubricant product range under the brand Laugfs Oil, offering a unique range of solutions for all classes of motor vehicles and industries.