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Leniency period for reporting new chemicals under K-REACH to end in November

The leniency period for reporting new substances under the Act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals (K-REACH) will end on November 21, 2015, according to Manchester, U.K.-based Intertek. South Korea’s Ministries of Environment (MoE) and of Justice (MoJ) offered a leniency period for reporting new substance for six months which started on May 22. Manufacturers or importers that handle new chemicals in volumes above 0.1 tonne per year are required to complete a hazard assessment and notify the relevant authorities prior to import or manufacture.

Under Article 57-63 of South Korea’s Toxic Chemicals Control Act (TCCA), if companies fail to comply with the regulations they could face substantial fines or imprisonment. This includes all companies that fail to register a new substance and complete a hazard assessment under the previous TCCA, before the law was replaced by K-REACH and the Chemicals Control Act (CCA), on January 1, 2015. During this period, these companies now have the option to “voluntarily” report substances under K-REACHm whereby the penalties for late reporting will be waived.

“Intertek recognizes that keeping track of and complying with new regulations presents a challenge for chemical producers, manufacturers, formulators, and their customers,” said Jeremy Ramsden, regulatory expert within Intertek Life Sciences.

“Combining our extensive understanding of K-REACH and our experience with other global chemicals management regulations, Intertek is committed to helping its customers understand and meet compliance obligations worldwide,” Ramsden said.