Li Auto partners with PetroChina Kunlun to expand EV charging network
Photo courtesy of Li Auto

Li Auto partners with PetroChina Kunlun to expand EV charging network

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Li Auto has announced a strategic partnership with PetroChina Kunlun Wanglian Electric Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of PetroChina specialising in electric energy technology and infrastructure, to significantly expand its charging infrastructure across China.

Li Auto is intensifying its infrastructure development to support future battery electric vehicle (BEV) launches. Currently, the company’s main products are the extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) models, including the Li L6, Li L7, Li L8, and Li L9.

The agreement, signed at Li Auto’s R&D headquarters in Beijing, China, marks a critical step in the company’s aggressive push to support its growing fleet of electric vehicles.

Key partnership goals

  • Infrastructure Expansion: The partnership will focus on constructing charging stations along highways and in urban areas nationwide. This effort aims to facilitate seamless travel for EV owners and enhance the accessibility of charging facilities.
  • Platform Integration: Li Auto and PetroChina Kunlun will work towards integrating their charging platforms, providing users with a more cohesive and efficient charging experience.
  • Enhanced Services: The collaboration will extend to various service areas, including owner services, leisure consumption, home charging solutions, and joint research initiatives.

PetroChina Kunlun’s role

Formerly known as Putian New Energy, PetroChina Kunlun was one of the first state-owned enterprises to invest in charging infrastructure in China. Following its acquisition by PetroChina in September 2023, the company has continued to expand its footprint in the EV charging market.

Future plans

Li Auto aims to establish 2,000 supercharging stations across China by the end of 2024, providing more than 10,000 charging points and covering 90% of the core urban areas in Tier 1, 2, and 3 cities in China. As of June 16, 2024, the company operates 448 supercharging stations with 2,016 charging points across 135 cities.

This partnership with PetroChina Kunlun is expected to accelerate Li Auto’s infrastructure goals, aligning with its broader strategy to become a leading player in China’s EV market.