LSC Jamaica to expand regional reach following plant upgrade

Lubricating Specialties Company (LSC), contract blender and packager of lubricants and greases based in Pico Rivera, Calif., U.S.A., is expanding its operation in Jamaica. LSC Jamaica services independent lubricant brands in Jamaica, Central America and the Caribbean. LSC Jamaica is headquartered in Kingston and has a plant in May Pen, Clarendon.

Improvements made to its plant in Jamaica have increased tank capacity to 250,000 gallons and package capacity up to 12,000,000 litres annually, according to Neil Crooks, LSC Jamaica managing director.

With these improvements, LSC Jamaica expects to expand its market beyond Jamaica to the Caribbean and Latin American markets.

“With our roots in Jamaica, we believed that we could build an industry-leading, lubricant manufacturing facility consistent with all of our North American facilities. Leveraging our existing supply chain, technical expertise and global network of customers, sets LSC Jamaica apart from other regional players and those that seek to enter the market,” said Sydney Thwaites, president and CEO of the U.S. parent company.

“Looking towards 2017, we will … also be exporting to other Caribbean countries and to the Latin American markets. Jamaica is strategically located to effectively reach many of the surrounding countries, and this is a key part of our business plan as we play our part in building and growing [the] Jamaican business,” Crooks said.

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