LSI Chemical introduces NanoClear304
Photo courtesy of LSI Chemical

LSI Chemical introduces NanoClear304

LSI Chemical has introduced NanoClear304, a new oil additive for use in synthetic, semi-synthetic and conventional oils. Developed for the use in existing lubricant formulas across multiple applications, NanoClear304 provides a wide range of benefits, including friction reduction and other benefits of nano technology. However, unlike many other nano lubricants, NanoClear304 does not change the appearance of the finished product and stays in solution.

โ€œThis is a game changer for nanotechnology lubricant additives. It is the first nano additive that is clear and stays in suspension. We could not be more excited to help our customers and make lubricants perform better and last longer,โ€ said LSI President Todd Cawley.

Engineered with colorless nano particles, a Group V Ester and Group IV PAO, this formula includes three patented chemicals that greatly improves oil performance in shear and oxidation stability.

In third-party ASTM D-3233B COF Coefficient of Friction testing, oil treated with a 5% NanoClear304 treat rate demonstrated a 70.9% reduction in friction, from 0.0272 down to 0.0079, in a 300 lb. load and 37.6% friction reduction, from 0.0300 down to 0.0187, in a 500 lb. load based on Cam 2 HD 15W-40 baseline oil.

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