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LuBest launches affordable synthetic lubricant line

LuBest, the lubricant division of Momar, Inc., announced the launch of the new Synplicity line, featuring full-synthetic lubricants priced economically.

LuBest’s Synplicity line uses exclusive nGTL (natural gas-to-liquid) technology that turns the cleanest burning fossil fuel, natural gas, into high quality lubricants that have virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil.

“We are very proud to offer our customers the performance of synthetic lubricants at the price of conventional non-synthetics,” said West Gary, Momar’s chief technical officer.

“This project has been many years in the making, and Momar chemists have worked diligently to research and develop finished products that incorporate nGTL base stocks in place of conventional PAO (poly alpha olefin) base stocks. To date, we’ve introduced Safecracker(TM) penetrating lubricant in aerosol and liquid, RCL(TM) rail curve and switch lubricants in five standard viscosities, and FlexSafe(TM) multi-purpose lubricants in nine standard viscosities. We are currently developing release agents, dust suppressants, and other specialty chemicals to further utilize nGTL technology,” said Gary.

Momar, Inc., based in Atlanta, Ga., U.S.A., is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals for industrial and institutional markets. Through Momar’s eight divisions, the company specializes as a Total Fluids Management Supplier and provides customers with virtually every product or service available in the areas of maintenance chemicals and equipment, lubrication, water and waste treatment, food processing chemicals, mineral handling, specialty hardware, industrial safety, and expert application services.