Lubrizol launches additive solution for ILSAC GF-7 requirements

Lubrizol launches additive solution for ILSAC GF-7 requirements

Lubrizol has announced the release of its new additive technology, Lubrizol® PV1710, designed to meet the forthcoming ILSAC GF-7 passenger car engine oil category. First licensing date of the new specification for passenger car engine oils will take effect on March 31, 2025. The American Petroleum Institute (API) will license GF-7, which is designed to address the evolving needs of modern internal combustion engines, particularly in terms of fuel efficiency, emissions reduction, and engine protection.

Lubrizol® PV1710 offers a streamlined solution tailored to meet ILSAC GF-7 credentials and is also capable of reaching the dexos1TM specification. dexos1™ is a global engine oil specification developed by General Motors (GM) to ensure high performance and protection for gasoline engines. It is designed to provide better wear protection, enhanced fuel efficiency, and longer oil life compared to conventional motor oils. The specification is particularly important for meeting the needs of modern engines, which often operate under higher pressures and temperatures.

Core technology testing of Lubrizol® PV1710 has been completed, and additional testing is ongoing to cover extensive industry requirements, ensuring maximum flexibility for customers. This additive will be available well in advance of the first-license date, allowing oil marketers ample time to prepare for market entry with their GF-7 compliant lubricant product line.

“In developing Lubrizol® PV1710, our goal was to simplify the process for our customers,” said Padu Sreenivas, product manager for Lubrizol. “This product is designed for coverage in a broad range of base stocks and viscosity grades, enabling customers to address of GF-7 market needs in a streamlined timeframe.”

Specification readiness program

Lubrizol’s specification readiness program provides customers with access to technical expertise, testing capacity, portfolio management, and marketing support. This program is designed to enable oil marketers to meet the new requirements with ease and confidence.

Lubrizol has been actively involved in developing the ILSAC GF-7 specification, collaborating with a wide range of industry stakeholders to establish the parameters of the category and support the necessary testing for oil marketers to achieve licensable status.

“We are well-versed in the requirements of this important upgrade and we are applying our insights to help oil marketers enhance the performance of their products in the most efficient way possible,” said Sarah Kipp, director-Engine Oils for Lubrizol. “Lubrizol is dedicated to supporting the entire industry and in ensuring that category upgrades deliver true value to all stakeholders.”