Lubrizol launches mid SAPS lubricant additive for ACEA 2016

The Lubrizol Corporation announced its new Lubrizol® PV2500 series additive technology designed to address the increasing lubrication demands of modern gasoline and diesel automotive hardware.

The challenges associated with gasoline direct injection and turbocharged gasoline direct injection (TGDI) engines mean that mitigating low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) and chain wear is critical to enable more reliable engine performance.

“Lubrizol® PV2500 series represents the next generation in mid SAPS lubricant additive technology, developed for ACEA 2016 and European OEM approved performance, while addressing LSPI field concerns to ensure new industry requirements, such as licensable API SN Plus are also met,” says Anthony Smith, Lubrizol product manager, Passenger Car Engine Oils.

Lubrizol worked closely with European OEMs to combine LSPI protection for gasoline engines with the latest mid SAPS requirements for diesel powertrains.

“Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) have long been a feature in diesel emissions control and now the automotive market is expected to see a rise in demand for mid SAPS lubricant solutions going into gasoline vehicles as OEMs start to introduce gasoline particulate filters (GPFs). This will be particularly important for the European and Chinese markets with new emission regulations such as China 6 on the horizon,” Smith says.

“We are pleased to bring our new Lubrizol® PV2500 series solution to the market as the latest addition to our established range of market-leading Lubrizol ACTTM additive technologies,” says Colin Morton, Lubrizol regional business manager for Europe, Passenger Car Engine Oils. “This family of additives provides proven durability and protection for engines and aftertreatment systems. It now goes even further to provide LSPI protection and gives oil marketers access to the coverage needed to supply aftermarket workshops servicing European vehicles.”