Lubrizol partners with Solecta to develop membrane solutions
Solecta’s Jim Ford (front left) and Lubrizol’s Matthew Joyce (front right) executed a formal partnership agreement at Solecta's corporate office. Attending the signing were Solecta team members Mariusz Grzelakowski, Melinda Burn, Erik (Skip) Smith, Aseem Sharma, and Lubrizol’s Michael Fornes. Photo courtesy of Solecta, Inc.

Lubrizol partners with Solecta to develop membrane solutions

The Lubrizol Corporation and Solecta, Inc. announced a new partnership to develop and market novel membrane solutions that will improve productivity and drive greater efficiencies for the global separations industry.

“This is a game-changing collaboration in the membrane separations space,” said Melinda Burn, vice president, Strategic Marketing, Solecta, Inc. “It harnesses the capabilities of two industry leaders to develop innovative membrane solutions to tackle our clients’ most challenging separation problems.”

Solecta is a global leader in membrane separation technologies for industrial filtration of high value process streams based in Oceanside, California, U.S.A. Solecta is a portfolio company of True North Venture Partners. Lubrizol, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a leading global specialty chemical company and one the largest petroleum additive suppliers based in Wickliffe, Ohio, U.S.A. In September 2022, Lubrizol announced that it was entering the separation solutions market, a USD140 billion industry critical to processing applications in the food and beverage industry and various manufacturing and municipal markets.

Complementing Solecta’s proprietary membrane formulation, casting and element design capabilities, Lubrizol brings world-class polymer and formulating experience and the ability to synthesise scalable molecules for membrane applications.  New solutions developed within the collaboration will be co-branded under a joint licensing agreement. More details on the agreement and the industry applications will be available soon.

“Partnering with Solecta is a win-win to bring these separation solutions to market,” said Matt Joyce, vice president, Corporate New Business Development, Lubrizol. “Our strategies and strengths are aligned and complementary: we leverage our proprietary science at the molecular level, and our formulation and surface science expertise to improve the efficiency of separation technology, and Solecta brings its expertise in membrane design and manufacturing, and reputation for quality and innovation as a global leader in novel separation solutions.”

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