April 10, 2020

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LUKOIL Marine Lubricants launches additional barge in Singapore
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Photo courtesy of LUKOIL.

Russia’s LUKOIL Marine Lubricants recently launched an additional supply barge named LUKOIL Marine in Singapore.

 With a length of 45m and a capacity of 800 deadweight ton (dwt), divided into several compartments, LUKOIL Marine will supply a variety of products, including Navigo TPEO 30/40, Navigo TPEO 40/40, Navigo 40 MCL, Navigo 100 MCL, Navigo 70 MCL and Navigo 6 SO.

LUKOIL Marine becomes the third in a fleet of barges, which includes Transwift with a capacity of 100 dwt and Marine Success with 350 dwt, delivering lubricants in Singapore.

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