Lukoil Marine’s cylinder oil for ultra-low sulphur fuel receives approval from MAN and Wärtsilä

LUKOIL’s marine cylinder oil for ultra-low sulphur fuel, NAVIGO MCL Ultra, has been approved by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) MAN and Wärtsilä after successful completion of OEM trials.

NAVIGO MCL Ultra was developed by LUKOIL Marine specifically for vessels operating in Emission Control Areas (ECA). In order to comply with emission regulations, ships in ECAs operate on ultra-low sulphur fuel.

“The tests have shown that NAVIGO MCL Ultra maintains the engine in very good condition with excellent results regarding the cleanliness of the piston ring grooves and the back of the piston rings,” said Valeriy Naumenko, senior superintendent at E.R. Schiffahrt GmbH & Cie. KG, a shipping company with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.

NAVIGO MCL Ultra has been available globally since December 2014. The lubricant has been used by various customers since January 2015. NAVIGO MCL Ultra complements LUKOIL Marine’s comprehensive lubricant portfolio, which enables the marine lubricant specialist to provide customers with lubricant solutions for their specific requirements.

LUKOIL is the leading Russian company in exploring, producing, refining and marketing petroleum products. LUKOIL Marine Lubricants was established as a global sales and marketing business focusing on the production and sales of marine lubricants worldwide.