Lukoil updates range of high-performance winter-proof lubricants
Photo courtesy of Lukoil

Lukoil updates range of high-performance winter-proof lubricants

LUKOIL announced that it has improved its range of cold-weather hydraulic oils designed for Arctic conditions. LUKOIL is one of the leaders of Russia’s lubricants market, including hydraulic fluids, with its share in this market segment exceeding 20%.

The new product, LUKOIL GEYSER XLT 32, boasts the improved stability of viscosity characteristics and resistance to mechanical loads at low temperatures due to the improved combination of LUKOIL’s high-quality base oil and a special thickening agent.

Due to its higher viscosity index the improved lubricant now demonstrates excellent stability of characteristics and ability to provide for fail-safe operation of special vehicles’ mechanisms at temperatures as low as -60 С. It also protects components of hydraulic systems against wear and tear.

The demand for low-temperature hydraulic oils in Russia is continuously growing, with major consumers being hydraulic systems of mobile, timber harvesting and special vehicles (excavators) as well as various industrial equipment operating in extreme cold weather conditions of the northern regions.

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