MAN approves Shell Rimula R6 LME 5W-30 for first fill for Euro 6 trucks from German plant

MAN Truck & Bus, one of the leading providers of commercial vehicles and transport solutions worldwide, has approved Shell Rimula R6 LME 5W-30, the high performance diesel engine oil, for first fill of all MAN Euro 6 trucks produced in Germany.

This is the first time the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has endorsed one oil company with exclusivity to supply first fill for this category of vehicles produced in Germany, which are designed to adhere to the strict emissions limits enforced by Euro 6 legislation.

“Our long-standing technical relationships with engine manufacturers enable us to thoroughly understand the needs of our customers and develop high-performing products like Shell Rimula R6 LME to meet their operational requirements,” says Richard Tucker, Shell’s technology general manager for heavy duty engine oils.

Shell Rimula R6 LME was developed in close collaboration with MAN. Its LME (low emissions, maintenance saving and energy saving) technology not only delivers value to fleet operators through fuel economy benefits, but also meets the durability and performance requirements of the advanced low-emissions equipment that is required to comply with Euro 6 standards.

Shell Rimula R6 LME 5W-30 is a heavy-duty diesel engine oil, approved for diesel and CNG engines and suitable for Euro 4, 5 and 6 vehicles.

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